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YouTube channels, books, and other resources for web devs.

Published:12/22/2023, 8:03:15 AM


This post guides new web developers in their journey to gain the skills they’re searching for. It lists resources that you can learn from, and expands upon that as you learn more. It guides you with beginner-level, intermediate-level, and finally, advanced-level resources. Each proficiency category has explanations for the resources. Finally, the post wraps up with a reference list of all the resources mentioned.


These resources are appropriate for a beginner to work with, but that doesn't mean they stop being useful as you learn more about web development!

Find your Direction

The Frontend Developer Roadmap and Backend Developer Roadmap will help you understand the learning path and decide on what you’ll specialize in. They also have helpful links for learning - definitely go through the Internet content. Also, sign up for Humble Bundle - they release web development eBook bundles for low prices.

Dive In

There’s a big list of things to learn - the best thing you can do is dive in. The book Learning Web Design was a great introduction for me, and I highly recommend it. There are also three books I recommend for getting a solid understanding of UI Design: The Principles of Beautiful Web Design, Color Studies, and The Laws of UX.

Learn JavaScript

After you’ve gotten the fundamentals down, it’s time to learn JavaScript well. I think the book Learning JavaScript was a great one, and you could start there. There is also the YouTube channel All Things JavaScript, LLC. Finally, you can go to Codewars and practice your JavaScript and problem solving skills by working through their kata.

Dive a Little Deeper

After you learned JavaScript, you’re ready to dive a little deeper with some more YouTube channels. First, all of these channels have videos of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript if you need it. They also have videos breaking down computer science, JavaScript frameworks, and the backend branch of web development. These YouTube channels are Caleb Curry, Dave Grey, and NetNinja.


Once you understand the basics, you can move on to these resources that provide more depth or breadth of information about web development.

Definitive Guides

If you want to get deeper into JavaScript or CSS, then you can go through either JavaScript: The Definitive Guide or CSS: The Definitive Guide.

UI Design

Now that you have a solid grasp of UI fundamentals, you can follow the YouTube channels Alex On Design and DesignCourse.

Software Design

Now that you know more about JavaScript, you can learn more about programming techniques. If you subscribe to the YouTube channels CodeOpinion and Continuous Delivery, they can teach you about design patterns, software architecture, workflows, and more.

Tutorials and Tips

You should also continue diving further into the programming side of web development. Codevolution provides long-form presentations that teach you highly detailed information. Jack Herrington shows a lot of detailed web development tips and information.


At this point, you should be ready for more advanced or specialized learning. First off, you can read Learning TypeScript, which really helped me get a better understanding of the language and how it works. Theo and Web Dev Cody are both great YouTube channels. Their content is a little less structured, but their videos supply in-depth knowledge. They also do live coding streams.

Resource List

Beginner Resources

All Things JavaScript, LLC

Backend Developer Roadmap

Caleb Curry


Color Studies

Dave Grey

Frontend Developer Roadmap

Humble Bundle

The Laws of UX

Learning JavaScript

Learning Web Design


The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

Intermediate Resources

Alex On Design



Continuous Delivery

CSS: The Definitive Guide


Jack Herrington

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

Advanced Resources

Learning TypeScript


Web Dev Cody

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